Greetings from the Initiators

Universe Attunement
Universe Energy descended upon us who run this acupressure and qigong clinic as a couple in our fifties. At first, we applied it on healing, but then we felt that it is a special energy with significance, something totally different from what have existed so far. And yet, anybody can use it right after a simple process of initiation.

Like a seed, Universe Energy grows within the person who is initiated in it and blooms the flower of that person. The two of us do nothing more than the initiation. Therefore, we are not the so-called “masters” who are considered the authoritative figures of a healing energy. People who are initiated in Universe Energy can become “masters” in the field they want to excel in by using this energy.

So far, people who have been initiated into Universe Energy include not only therapists but also people who work in companies and factories, nursing care professionals, teachers, real estate agents, artists, counsellors, yoga instructors, students, housewives etc; literally they are people from all walks of life developing their own share of Universe Energy in their respective specialized fields.

Universe Energy always supports you to become “the one you truly want to be”. We want to deliver this energy gift from the universe to everybody in the world. Please take this opportunity to allow Universe Energy serve your life.

As the agents for relaying Universe Energy, the two of us sincerely wish that it can be of service to your life and that the energy of good health, happiness and good fortune can spread on earth.

Misao and Kyoko Shinozaki
Universe Co.,Ltd
302,3-1-5 Minamidai
Kawagoe city Saitama 350-1165 Japan
TEL 81-49-269-7215 FAX 81-49-269-7160

Universe Attunement
Universe Attunement

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