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Post-seminar Follow-up Instrcutions Available 詳細はクリック

Post-Seminar Follow-up Instruction Sessions ¥Free

(1) Monthly Energy Update

A monthly “energy update” transmission is available for free.

Every month on the first day, you can take in the remote transmission at any time convenient to you within the specified 24 hours. It supports using Universe Energy with more ease.

For the procedures to receiving the Monthly Energy Update, use the following link (the file can be downloaded and saved to your computer)

(2) Universe Weekly

A weekly follow-up energy support session (distant transmission) will be available from December, 2013

Every Wednesday, a 20-minute session of Universe Energy will be transmitted for all the initiates to tune into to enhance their energy skill practice. The schedule will be posted on the front page of this website.

(3) Gift of Energy by Distant Transmission

On 15th every month, a 20-minute gift of energy will be transmitted for all the initiates to tune into. The schedule will be posted on the front page of this website.

Practice Session ¥JPY3000

Practice Session (Fee: JPY3000/person/session of approximately 4 hours)

A chance for enjoyable revision and practice. Through sharing of new information with and learning from the experience of other people, the scope of use of Universe Energy widens. Please refer to the Universe Journal and website for the practice schedule.

Universe Energy Fans Club 詳細はクリック

(Annual Membership Fee: JPY1000)

Members (people who have received their attunements) communicate, exchange information, organize practice time by themselves, participate in events like the “spiritual market”. They can help one another in healing and find practice partners.

Seminar Re-attendance Policy 詳細はクリック

Special Offer for Seminar Attendees

Seminar attendees are allowed to attend the seminars again for a thorough revision of the entire content.

* Attendees are required to pay a re-attendance fee which equals to half of the regular attendance fee of the highest level they attended in the past.

* Attendees are allowed to re-attend the seminars on the scheduled day from morning. Therefore they do not have to pay re-attendance fee for the levels lower than the one they re-attend.

Others 詳細はクリック

Answering your questions

Answering your questions over the phone or by email
Feel free to ask any questions that can be easily answered over the phone. Your updates on how you are using Universe Energy are a great encouragement to the development of Universe Energy and us.

Universe Journal (English Edition)

Universe Journal

We send you a monthly journal full of useful information by email. Please go the menu on the left hand side and press "Universe Journal Archive" for the past issues published.

Distant Healing (Energy Transmitted from Japan) 詳細はクリック

Distant Healing ¥JYP6000/session (60 minutes)

Energy knows no constraints of time and distance. Therefore, distant healing is as effective and powerful as healing a client face to face. Once we can pinpoint our target with the following information, healing energy can be sent accurately to you wherever you are.

Please make your reservation by email to with the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your address
3. Your email address
4. Your telephone number
5. Preferred date and time of healing
6. Your issue and healing goal

(Payment by Paypal in advance)

Frequently Asked Questions
1)Why can you give distance healing to people that you have never met before?

There is no such thing as time or distance in the energy world, so Universe Energy can be sent to anyone who can be identified. The improvement in the energy field reflects in the body and spirit of the person.
Distance healing has the same effectiveness as the direct healing.

2) Does distance healing have the same effect as the direct healing?

Yes, essentially the same, except that direct healing may have its psychological effect such as a sense of safety. Whatever your choice is, whole-hearted acceptance will make the healing effect much greater.

3) Is it possible that I can ask you to heal someone without informing him?

Yes, it is; but it is more effective when the person is willing to receive treatment consciously. The person's assumptions that his/her illness is impossible to be cured will prevent him or her from becoming healthy. Therefore it is better to inform the person of your intention to help him/her heal.

4) How can I make an appointment for your distance healing service?

We don't speak English so much. So please be sure to apply by e-mail with the information of your 1. name 2. address 3. e-mail address 4. desired date and time 5. goal of the healing.
Payment can only be made by Paypal. We will send you an-email concerning the details of the distance healing.

5)What should I do during the distance healing?

Just relax on your sofa. You may want to close your eyes to feel the energy.
I recommend you to try to feel that you "receive” the energy. You can sleep during that time.
You will feel refreshed physically and mentally after you wake up.

Distant Attunement 詳細はクリック

Artist Attunement ¥JPY30,000

Artist Attunement (Attunement Seminar in the form of Skype video session)

An attunement seminar for further developing one’s specialized field or skills such as art (music, painting etc) or sports. So far, people who have taken this attunement include those working in the music business (singers, instrumentalists, composers), fine art and art in general (painting, calligraphy, sculpture, illustration, comics, etc), novel-writers, therapists and instructors in sports, yoga and aromatherapy, animal communicators, people who want to develop special abilities like fortune-telling and psychic reading, people who want to cultivate skills in counselling and editing. It is recommended for those who have a clear and exact idea about what skills and abilities they want to further develop. (Level 1 is more appropriate for those who have only a vague idea about this.) The energy frequency is configured for your activities to bloom towards a positive direction. You may expect higher efficiency in your work. You may also induce energy for visualization of your success.

*Please email us to make an appointment in advance.
*Japanese-English/Cantonese interpretation service is available upon request with an additional fee. Please email us for details.

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