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What is Universe Energy 詳細はクリック

“Universe Energy” is the energy of the universe’s “Love” and “Harmony” delivered from Central Universe. The energy of the universe’s “Love” and “Harmony” is like musical rhythm and harmony which unfolds the natural positive trend of events. This energy is delivered to earth in 2009 through a pair of Japanese husband and wife as relaying agents.
The “pipeline” (connection circuit) with this energy is built with just one single attunement process (initiation). After that you become capable of using Universe Energy as much as you want to.
Through the pipeline of energy transmission of Universe Energy flows supporting energy from the universe to you. As your original state of harmonious balance is being restored gradually, you become healthier and more aware of your pristine self.
When you become the “pipeline” (connection circuit) for energy to flow through, your inner world of consciousness resonates will the vibration of the vast universe. In this way your spiritual world becomes an expanded, comfortable place to be in.
Anything that has been obstructing your energy flow will be removed one by one. As your energy flow becomes smoother, your human relationship, encounters and destiny in general will take a favourable turn.
Universe Energy backs you up in bringing your original life plan into bloom. Not only do you thrive, people in your life will also be affected positively because energy circulates. As each single person becomes healthier, more fortunate and happier, the positive effect spreads to people in your life, making the whole world thrive with abundance, vitality, good health, good luck and happiness……this is the humble wish of Universe Energy and its relaying agents.

How did it come about? 詳細はクリック

Our Encounter with Universe Energy

Up to that point, we did not understand why Universe Energy chose us to be its relaying agents. Both of us never possessed any superhuman senses or abilities. Especially, my husband Misao was not good at presenting himself in public. Anyway, this is how we began. It all happened on the night of 27th May, 2009…….

In the middle of the night, we heard the computer booting itself and the printer turning itself on. I woke up, flung off the blanket and sat on my bed. Just then, I felt the presence of a great energy right there. No sooner had I felt as if I heard it asking me, “Will you take me in?” than my mouth arbitrarily uttered, “Yes, I will.” Immediately, the energy entered through the crown chakra in a loud thud before we had time for amazement. I thought I had popped into a different atmosphere, but then, why things around me started sinking in enormous speed?? No, it was I being thrust high up in a breakneck speed, and wow! Actually, I was pushed up into a solitary position in the universe way up high in heavens. In this isolated position in the vast universe, so vast that I also felt sadness that nothing was there beside me. I saw stars, so numerous and huge that I have never seen before, shining brilliantly around me.

For a few seconds, I looked around and was dumfounded. I felt my heart pounding and was aware of my sitting posture. The universe was continuing endlessly below me, but my hands only felt the bed sheet under my feet. I thought, “Oh, I see! I am not floating in the air at all. I can go back home. Hurray!” Then, when I touched the bed sheet, I came back to the present space and was sitting on the blanket that was originally there. I just tucked myself up in bed again, believing that all those scenes were but products of my imagination or else a dream. However, since then, that energy started to come the following day and many times over. From then on, I woke up naturally in the middle of the night to take in the energy and had hunches that “It comes now”. There were many patterns of taking in that energy. Sometimes, we were instructed to take in the energy together. Sometimes we were instructed to have only one of us take in the energy and initiate the other into it. It must have been taking effect somewhere in my brain that I sometimes mumbled and my eyes and the shape of my head seemed to have changed. My impression was that I have experienced powerful initiations; sometimes too powerful and intense for me to bear. As I got used to it, I started to feel more and more comfortable with it. Sometimes, there were short messages in response to my questions; bit by bit, I came to understand what they meant. Then, we became the relaying point of this energy to Earth.


Many days have passed during which me and my husband sat on the sofa and took in the energy after dinner. One day, the energy came at a time different from the usual one. I had a hunch when I took in the energy that somehow “today’s energy is not the usual one”.

And I did not know why I wanted to hold some stones with my hands. We decided that crystals were too light, so we sat on a chair with a piece of heavy, round stone as big as a Japanese rice ball in each of our hands. Usually, the energy download began as soon as we were ready; on the contrary, on that day, we felt we were pulled out of our body by a powerful force attempting to take us somewhere. The energy was just too strong that I was not able to open my eyes for over an hour.

Then, the intense energy finally subsided. When I opened my eyes, I got a feeling that I understood something. The stones in our hands became warm and moist with sweat. I had a feeling that I “returned” from a journey to faraway places. Gentle breeze came in through the windows; and I heard people talking outside. Just like home-coming after a long journey, familiar scenery felt fresh and precious. “What a wonderful world!” I thought.

Since then, I no longer felt there was a single thing that had nothing to do with me. It must have been a sudden awakening at that time, or I should say somehow I realized that the structure of the real world is made up of what our brain perceived as the world. Our true form produced us from a completely different place. As energy, we originated as a connected whole with everything, not as separate parts. At that moment, it made perfect sense to me why remote healing was possible and why energy could overcome the barrier of time to take effect.

……Diamond dust gathered to become a sherbet-like pile. Within this dense pile of diamond dust, the particle that was me radiated rainbow colours. The light of each particle radiated on each other like the timbre of musical instruments reverberating and resonating with each other.

And that was a warm, bright place full of sunshine.

And that was like nerve cells in our brains, each one connected to another like the mesh-like synapse between cells, across which impulses and information are transmitted to and shared with every part of the body in a flash.

Information transmitted by each of the cells sent ripples through the network.
Everything transmitted and shared information, and that seemed like rays of a rainbow, or even became the great universe itself.

Stars in countless numbers formed galaxies, twinkling bright lights.

No matter how far the stars were apart, they were interconnected by secret, invisible links, similar to the night scene of cities which looked like dots of light widely dispersed when viewed from an aeroplane.

There was never a vein of a leaf which was broken.

I felt I was positioned within the connection with everything.

And I knew at that moment that I was always with the universe.

……The occurrence of such an experience reminded me of something that “I knew.”
After that, we learned that in “Katakamuna”, Japan’s super-ancient written text, the same idea can be found, which the super-ancient people of this world (the time when there was no division of countries and no prominent domination existed) seemed to have already known aeons ago.

The reason why ancient people had deep intuition towards nature was because they saw through the universal pattern (The phenomenon of analogy: As within, so without. As above, so below) which runs in the backdrop of reality in the world of energy from things as huge as the universe to microcosmic things like the atom.

……For the two of us, it was never an easy task to change our way of thinking which ran us for 50 years, but little by little, we can trust Universe Energy more than before from the bottom of our heart.

We managed to write up the basic method of taking in Universe Energy in 3 ascending levels of Level 1, 2 and 3. Then we finally saw the day of “Universe Energy Attunement Seminars” come round.

Since then, we have initiated a lot of people in Universe Energy. In the course of hearing what people have to say about changes they experience, it became clear to us that not only does this energy has an effect on healing but also on everything including physical substances. At the same time, we feel that some important change is bound to happen if everybody is willing to use this energy.

Almost all of our earliest seminar attendees were therapists; now there are more and more ordinary people taking our seminars, including handicapped people and junior-high school students who are putting this energy into practical use. Please be assured about the safety of this energy.

We have designed clear, understandable ways for anyone to use it in a simple manner.
“Universe Energy Attunement Seminars” was a humble start that the two of us made; now, from various places in Japan, it is gradually reaching out to overseas and to the world. There is no such thing as mere coincidence. We wish that you, who are reading this information, will make up your mind to connect with Universe Energy very soon.

“Universe Energy Attunement Seminars” will certainly be the opportunity for your life to change.

We are sincerely looking forward to your enrolment in the seminars and meeting you at the seminar venue.

Initiation into (Connection with) Universe Energy 詳細はクリック

To begin with, an initiation, like an attunement (putting a musical instrument into tune), means to harmonize a person with the vibration of energy. When initiated into Universe Energy, anybody can transmit and receive it.

Universe Energy is enormous, friendly and gentle……it makes you feel the love and blessing of the universe. It can be used in various areas, such as healing, improving human relationship and attracting good luck.

In the attunement seminar series, the applications of Universe Energy are introduced in a user-friendly 3-step presentation.

※“Initiation” means to connect with Universe Energy through a pipe-like link. Anyone can become capable of emitting and using Universe Energy after an initiation. This energy circuit is permanent. The more Universe Energy is used, the stronger it becomes.

※ Since Universe Energy does not impose any constraints on its methods and scope of use, you are free to develop it in your own way. Basic, convenient ways of using it are introduced in the seminars.

※ Universe Energy is forever protected by supreme judgement founded upon the universe’s love and harmony. Since the universe’s love and harmony follows the course of natural positive trend of events, it will not bring negative outcomes and is therefore safe for anybody to use. Besides, there is no worry about absorbing the negativity of clients however much healing you do. On the contrary, not only your client’s, but your own health also benefits from it because you become the channel for energy to flow through in a healing procedure.

※ Rather than conflicting with religion or modalities of healing, Universe Energy enhances positively what you have been doing so far. Any form of energy work you have been doing so far will become more powerful after the initiation.

※ Most people grasp the sensation of Universe Energy right after the initiation. People who do not have a keen sense of energy at first will become well-tuned to it with continuous practice.

Assistance of self-improvement of the seminar attendees is done by distributing monthly journal and doing distant transmission of energy. Practice sessions are also organised.

Attunement in 3 Stages 詳細はクリック

Universe Energy descended upon us from the universe in order to restore human beings’ intrinsic ability so that we can advance into the next era.

★It is an energy founded upon “Love” and “Harmony” of the universe. The more you use it, the more the circumstances you are in naturally go smoothly
There is an enormous amount of things that this energy can do. We arrange them into 3 stages matching the ascending level of consciousness of a person.

Level 1 Initiation 詳細はクリック

Level 1: This level of energy attracts good luck and enables you to become a healthy person.

★Initiation into “Development, Improvement and Prosperity”, the energy which brings about growth, progress and material abundance in the course of events.
It expands contracted and stagnant flow of energy, connecting your energy with other people to create a wide circulation of energy.

★Making yourself and people around you healthy.
*Healing work done with Universe Energy is powerful yet safe to do.
*The practitioner of Universe Energy will not feel drained or contract illness from patients.
There is nothing as overdoing or mistakes. The effect is quick and obvious.
*Healing energy is given through the practitioner; thus making him/her healthy and refreshed.

Energy frequencies for healing are compiled according to purposes in advance so that powerful healing can be done fully automatically.
A distinguishing feature of Level 1 is that even beginners can suddenly perform advanced healing and purification.

#The name of an energy compilation acts as the “switch” which is configured to release powerful energy, making it is easy enough for beginners to use on not only clients but also themselves.

#Initiation into “Universe Healing”, a comprehensive compilation of everything essential to healing.

#Energy can be administered face to face or through long-distance transmission.

#The course of energy flow can be set verbally.

#In case the client is not present in person, diagnosis and healing can still be done by accessing the hologram (3D energy information of the entire body) of the client as if he were present before your eyes.

#Negative energy of houses, land and negative spiritual energy can be purified safely and easily.

#Energy can be directed towards anywhere you want to send it. Healing energy can also be applied to human relationship and group relationship.

#Universe Energy can be charged to and sealed in objects, producing “objects carrying good energy”.

#“Yes/No Checking”, a convenient way of cross-checking, is introduced.

Level 2 Initiation 詳細はクリック

Level 2: This level of energy……

Materializes your wishes by means of “Induction”

*The “Induction” method in Universe Energy can attract “the energy of the wish(es) being fulfilled” from future options and make it work for you and/or your client(s).

In this way, more advanced level of healing and fulfilment of wishes become possible as reality aligns with the direction of your desire.

With “Induction”:

*You can fulfil wishes by attracting energetically the “materialized” state of your wish(es).

*You can gradually alter your subconscious programme(s) which hinder the materialization of your wishes.

Enables sending for any existing energy safely. Creating your original bundle of energy frequencies for a specific application is also possible.

*You will learn how to induce energy and put it into practical use.

*You will practise how to compile energy bundles. You may compile your own bundles or use ready-made compilations.

*You can access the energy of a human relationship or a situation, assess it and improve it.

*You can apply Universe Energy on psychological healing of a soul by sending for its energy.

*Your verbal power of materialization increases to the extent that you practise “Induction”. You become more receptive to the information from Universe Energy. Your intuition and extra-sensory perception will be stronger.

Level 3 Initiation 詳細はクリック

Level 3: The energy of Level 3 restores your total connection with the universe.

This level of energy reaches the collective consciousness and fundamental consciousness which is the base of future programmes and the subconscious mind.

Level 3 Initiation is the finishing stage of connection with the whole network of Universe Energy. It brings back your wholeness (unity) as energy. You are going to practise how to apply it on the collective consciousness, how to access “the programme of information in the future” which is the foundation of the real world, and how to write in information into the energy of your future.

In Level 3, you can descend into the collective consciousness, which is the foundation of the individual consciousness, treating everything as “related to me” just like anything happening in your own world and energetically merge with it to improve it.
Besides, you can access you future programme to write in information about the version of your “desired self”.

It begins with verbally guided visualization by means of Induction as the way to attain expanded consciousness for connecting with the oneness world with the universe and the earth. This process is being configured by Inductions so that the initiated person can access it by himself/herself. By means of this method, a person can gradually restore his complete self by connecting with the universe without any obstacles of time and space if he could only do it consciously.
* skill practices on going to the centre of the Earth and centre of the universe as an energy of consciousness.
* skill practices on accessing and modifying the future or the past by liberating one’s consciousness.

Level 3 completes the connection with Universe Energy. Necessary energy can be taken in naturally from this stage onwards.

Transformation occurs at a speed comfortable to the initiated person. Support of energy for advancing on one’s original life path can be obtained.

Besides, resonating with Universe Energy changes the vibration of the consciousness one is sending out; thus, the natural course of events in the real world has to change to match that vibration.

You will feel an expanded self and with the expansion of consciousness, you will feel you are more and more at the centre of the universe.

The energy of Level 3 grows with one’s consciousness.

Q&A 詳細はクリック

Q: Does it have anything to do with religion?
A: No, it has nothing to do with religion. There are a lot of people from overseas of various religions attending our seminars.

Q: Can I still use the energy modality I have been using so far after I am attuned to Universe Energy?
A: Yes. A lot of people told me that the energy modalities they have been using become more effective if, anything, after the attunement to Universe Energy. People who meditate can enter a deeper meditative state than before.

Q: Is it true that anybody who has received the attunement(s) can send out this energy?
A: Yes. We make sure that everybody is connected with Universe Energy. There is not a person who cannot do it.

Q: Are the things that I have used for treatment of my condition up to this point still able to be used after I receive a Universe Energy Attunement?
A: You can benefit from Universe Energy as much as the energy modalities you have acquired from other sources. There is no conflict between Universe Energy and other modalities of energy. Instead you may have more efficiency in using other modalities of energy after a Universe Energy Initiation

Q: After being initiated, am I obligated to join a group or follow you?
A: There is no obligation at all.

[color=#3FF]Q: Is Universe Energy compatible with my present healing work (Cairo and massage therapy)?

A: Of course. Just do your healing work in the usual way. Results show differently depending on the client. The best way of doing it is to administer "Adjustment of the Body" and "Adjustment of the Bone Frame" prior to the main healing process. An acupuncturist can spread or channel energy to a specific point with a needle effectively. This technique is taught in Level 1.

Q: Is there anyone who cannot use the Universe Energy even after the attunement?
A: Everyone attuned to Universe Energy can channel it. People receive practical training on the spot and can use it immediately.

Q: How can I apply for an attunement seminar?
A: Watch out for the announcement of attunement seminars on this homepage. You may apply through your local organizers or email us directly.
The attendance fee is listed in this homepage.
You may pay on the day of the seminar and a receipt will be issued to you. A textbook/A set of textbooks will be handed out to you for the level(s) you apply.
Please come to the meeting place on the scheduled day and please be on time.

Q: What else can Universe Energy do besides treating illnesses?
A: It can be applied to many areas; for instance, fostering better human relationships, wish fulfillment, beauty treatment and enhancing performance in sports. "Artist Attunement" is receommended for people who want to develop their talents in art.

Q: I'm a therapist. Will my healing power be boosted after receiving a Universe Attunement?
A: Yes. There are even cases in which people recover in an instant. Patients with developmental disorder have greatly improved their learning ability. So far, therapists who have been initiated into Universe Energy say that it's very useful in healing treatment and has improved their ability as a therapist greatly.

Q: Can Universe Energy change my partner's bad attitude or temper?
A: The energy of Universe Energy is quite a high-level energy and can produce an uplifting effect in a person. "The Purification" is used in this case and spiritual harm is dealt with at the beginning of the treatment. Continue administering "The Purification" until this problem disappears.
Besides, houses, land and everything can be purified for safety purposes as well. You can guide spirits to the higher dimensions by Universe Energy so that spiritual harm won't return in the future.

Q: Is illness related to a client's consciousness?
A: Sometimes illness can reflect the person's feelings and thoughts. We also approach the sub-conscious programming in this case. This is taught in Level 2.

Q: Does it require a lot of effort to heal a person?
A: Universe Energy is the energy of "love and harmony" which is a vibration human beings have an affinity with. The more you allow energy to flow through you, the clearer the conduit you become. Overcome your fear and negative attitude and practise it regularly.

Testimonials 詳細はクリック

*I had depression and had medical treatment in hospital for 3 years.
Through healing only once and then I was able to adapt to new circumstances and my whole body was refreshed and my eyes were also refreshed, then my whole body felt better .Just to make sure I had received everything I got this healing again. Now I no longer need to take medicine. I should have met the Universe earlier.
Now I'd like to take back the wasted years and do fun things. A 42 year old woman

★ My son had a kidney disease . I took the Universe instruction and started to heal him every day. Surprisingly the hospital test results showed a change to a normal value within 7 days. Also my son`s character changed and he bcame much more gentle and our relationship greatly improved and I wasn't irritated any more either. Now my son is looking for a job so he can help me. A 50 year old woman

◆ My mother who is 85 years old was hospitalized with an intracerebral hemorrhage.
The doctor pronounced that there is a strong possibility that she will be in a bedridden state even if he could help her recover but he did not see much possibility of that happening.
So I started healing her every day. My mother was able to gradually get out of bed, go to the restroom by herself and was able to communicate little by little. The Doctor said that she could leave the hospital within one week. Everyone in the hospital said that the recovery was so incredible. A 58 year old man

●The coffee shop my friend manages never had many visitors and so business was not going well.
When I purified the store with energy then guests immediately increased. His store gained a great reputation. He presented us with great cakes for free.
I sent energy to my niece when she had an interview of work. She had peace during the interview and was employed.
★ A few days ago people who worry anxiously and suffer from sleeplessness (with PTSD) after experiencing the recent earthquake came to our treatment room.
I did Mind Force healing through the Universe and their unpleasant memory was perfectly erased. They left in a much better state of mind and will come for more treatment soon!
● I was working in manual therapeutics.
Every time I received Universe instruction my body improved.
When I received the level 2 instruction I had a sense of something peeling off. As a result my back that had been very painful for about 10 years was completly healed. I didn't think this would ever happen and so I'm very happy and I will now pursue level 3.

★ We have worked as healers for a long time. We received this ability when we asked for it because the price was low to receive it on a trial basis. However we immediately realized that out of all the applicants that we were the strongest in popular energy.
We were able to use the treatment at once but we were surprised to be able to purify people by "the purification" in no time. "The mind force had an immediate effect as well". Medicine was not necessary and a person who suffered from depression for many years was able to return to a normal life. That person was very grateful and we were glad as well. We wondered why we did not come to this realization sooner in our own therapy but now that we are at this level I feel like we have gone over a wall and are standing in a new stage of life. We are looking forward to the next level as well (Level 2) and to whether we will experience this kind of thing again. 

◆ We have been doing healing in the same way up until now since we made the "adjustment" and we decided from the beginning to help people a lot. Sometimes my customers tell us that we should develop our healing power and method even more and then I can get better faster. Also we find if we are tired or have pain we are immediately relaxed and our bodies are comfortable again. We cure our aliments and are not tired and energy carries through and we become well conditioned. We are glad that we have become these kind of people and it is because of this energy that has been given to us.

★ We "became independent as professionals and also in the area of pet healing." We became members as therapists of the “Association of Japanese pet massage authorization” and studied crystal glass healing and Exxon hypnosis instruction.
The healing of pets came to us through reading animal communication and after receiving the Universe instruction. Thus I began to work as a pet healer. We opened a shop for pet healing near a station in Tokyo city.

Mr. Shigeyuki Midori, Healer   
True vocation

I came across Oriental medicine and chiropractic in the days of a baseball player.
I studied an osteopathy and acupuncture moxibustion and did work of the healing all the time afterwards.
This work was suitable for me. I worked very happily.
I came to want to treat an intractable disease and the psychological disorder mind since I became 40 years old.
I received Qigong and Reiki attunement of every energy therapy and studied it.
There was the effect, but I was not yet satisfied.
I looked for it all the time whether there was not the greater energy.
I knew the attunement of the Universe energy in last June and received energy attunement of level I in such a case in Hakata.
"Something is different from the conventional energy in this"! I was able to take in immediately. And, in August, I went to Hakata again and received attunement of level II and III.
Now, I thank for that I was able to meet this energy.
I could be help the person with the any type of disease.
I am glad that I watch a person becoming happy.
Because I really like this work, I want to help people as many as possible with my life.

Mrs. Tokue shiba Animal Pet Healer

Animal Communication
Have you ever heard about animal communication?
You might have seen people who communicate with animals through telepathy on TV programs.
I tell the animal owner about what their pets feel. I use the Universe energy for my job as well. 
My steps to communicate with animals are....
・imagine that I am connected to universe tightly
・imagine that I talk to pet
・call their name and start to talk to them(sometimes they appear when I call their name.) 
During talking to animals, I sometimes see them and hear them or feel them. her shop in Tokyo
I feel if they are happy, scared etc.. as I feel. It seems like they can communicate to people who have passed away, too. When animals have something wrong physically, they appear to be feeling stingy or cold. In these cases, I recommend the owner see a veterinarian.
I think it's really meangful to communicate to animals or plants etc using the energy.

Ms. Yuriko I. who lives in Tokyo.

I used to get tired, so I was looking for somewhere to adjust my energy. I found Universe and took energy healing from Mr. and Ms. Shinozaki. This is how I met Universe. The energy healing was very nice. I felt very smooth and strong energy. Then I decided to take their seminar to be able to use the energy myself. It was in July I took the level 1 seminar and then took level 2 seminar in October. I was worried if I could feel the energy because I thought I was not sensitive myself.
But now, I can feel the energy strongly on my palm and sole!
Also it is necessary for me to have good mental balance because my job is to take care
of kids. 「The Purification」・「Mind Force」・「Adjustment」, and「Energy to Center」 which I learnt in level 1 are very useful for keeping good mental balance.
I learnt how to pack several kinds of energy in to level 2. I named `the Super Relax' which is using four kinds of energy at one time. I tried to send the energy to my mother when her arm was painful, and the pain went immediately.
The other thing I learnt in level 2 is 「Induction」. This is a bit harder for me because I
need to change what I used to feel unconciously. But this skill is how I can make my wish come true, so I will try many times and won't give up!
Recently I sometimes think how 「Induction」is working. My wish was 「to become a sketcher」. (I should say 「I have already become a sketcher.」in Universe's way.)
One day I coincidently met a man who does this job, and meeting this man helped me get close to my dream. Now I feel Universe's power is great.
I want to use the energy and the other skills I learnt efficiently in my life.

Ms. Mitsue Watanabe

I encountered Universe by because of Ms. Seki.
Before I met Universe, I had no experience of energy treatment.
Honestly, I was half doubting Universe energy when I took energy from them.
I couldn't believe that I felt the energy in my body, it started at the top of my finger and went through the whole of my body.
I was facisnated by this energy and it made me take seminar level 1 and 2 with them.
One day, my mother was told she was at the final stage of lung cancer by the doctor.
The doctor introduced a special center for cancer treatment.
Of course my mother and I visited there, but it was full and we had to go on a waiting list.
While I was on the waiting list, I was learned about Universe energy.
So I decided to treat my mother by the energy.
When I attended the practice class of energy, the other people sent energy to my mother as well. I sent the energy every day for a month.
And guess what? When we saw the doctor after a month, the doctor found out that the cancer has got much smaller!
He couldn’t believe it and kept saying why? how?
Now, it is a year later and my mother still takes regular cancer checks but doesn't need to take any special treatment.
This experience taught me how great Universe energy is.
And now, it is necessary in my daily life for health and mental maintenance as well.
I really appreciate Universe energy and I am so happy taking it in my life.
I also like to use the energy in my reflexsology shop and share it with other people.
In the end, I want to say thank you to Ms. Seki and Mr. and Mrs. Shinozaki and all the
people who sent the energy to my mother. 

Mr. Suzuki.
who works in an old people's home.

I will talk about my experience with universe energy. My first encounter with universe energy was wonderful. I have received Reiki energy attunement before.
One day I was going to watch HP of a Reiki school on my PC. Suddenly, the page of the Universe Energy appeared in front of me. I do not know why this happened. It does not reappear now. At that moment, I said “that is it !!” in my mind.
I thought that I found the thing which I had been looking for a long time.
I reserved my place at the level 1 and level 2 universe attunement seminar that day.
And I went to Tokyo to attend the seminar.
At the attunement, I was surprised that it was bigger and stronger than Reiki
I could feel clearly the energy entering me from overhead. It was a surprising experience.
And after that, I can act quickly without thinking too much and have a good result.
I became a good communicater with people suffering from dementia in my work place.
And I have become able to draw pictures of my hobby more happily.
So I went to Tokyo again without hesitation and received the level 3 attunement.
Now, I feel that I am protected in a cocoon of energy.
When I am going to do something, energy always supports me.
Of course things don't always go the way I want.
However I think it was a very necessary experience for me now.
I look forward to my future.
Thanks universe energy.
I think that I am now a positive person. -Naoto Suzuki-

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